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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Freakin Food?

Our website provides customers with their local Restaurants and Takeaways details to allow you to order food.  We provide you with telephone numbers, addresses, map locations, and online ordering options (providing your takeaway accepts online orders).

How Much Does It Cost?

 Using our Website is free.  You pay the same amount of money for your takeaway food, or maybe less if they're running any promotions.

Do I Need An Account To Use FreakinFood

 Nope - our website is freely accessible to anyone online.  You don't even need an account when ordering from takeaways that accept online orders.

Why Should I Use FreakinFood?

You mean apart from the fact that we're awesome?  We endevour to provide you with as much neccessary information about your local takeaways as possible.  We understand that not everyone wants to order online nor will every takeaway accept online orders.  This is why along with the address we also provide you with telephone numbers and map locations so that whether it's online, over the phone, or in person you will find your favourite local takeaway.  We also ask takeaways to provide us with promotion information so that you're aware of any deals you're entitled to.  You don't require an account with FreakinFood so we'll never clog up your email account with spam or pester you about ordering a takeaway.  You know where we are when you need us.

Why Can't I Find My Favourite Takeaway?

Although every effort is made to ensure our database is up-to-date there are times when we won't have the Restaurant/Takeaway listed for your area.  We understand you won't settle for second choice so if you find we don't have a takeaway listed please let us know, we'll fire the IT slave that populated the database and then add the Takeaway ourselves so it's there the next time you get the munchies.

Why Does My Local Takeaway Not Accept Online Orders?

We honestly don't know.  We're trying to let as many takeaways know about the benefits of receiving online orders but sometimes they won't listen to us or we haven't gotten round to jumping in front of them repeatedly asking why they're not online with FreakinFood.  Please feel free to tell your takeaway you'd like them to receive online orders through FreakinFood and we'll be your mate forever.

How Do I Place An Online Order?

If your takeaway accepts online orders you will see a link in the search results allowing you to view their menu.  Click this link and you'll be directed to the takeaways own E-Commerce site where you can add items to your order, pay by debit/credit card, choose delivery or collection, and even select a suitable time for your food to be ready.

Why Am I Directed To A Different Site For Online Orders?

We firmly believe that too many cooks spoil the broth and that it is more effective that your online order is placed directly with the takeaway that will prepare your food.  This ensures that when your order is sent it will go straight to the takeaway and not via a middleman. We don't interact or interfere with the order process.

How Do I Know My Order Has Been Received?

You will automatically receive an email confirming that your order completed successfully online, which means the Takeaway will have been notified of the new order.  The takeaway may then send a second email confirming your food is being prepared.  Please note that this second email may not be sent as it is down to the Takeaway's discretion.  Some takeaways prefer to call to inform you they have the order.

How Can I Change Or Cancel My Order?

Altering or cancelling your order must be requested with the takeaway.  As the order is placed directly with them the quickest and easiest way to for cancelling or changing your order is to telephone the takeaway direct.  Changes to the order may result in a different balance being due, which will be dealt with by the takeaway upon delivery or collection.  Any refunds due to cancelled orders are solely at the discretion of the takeaway.